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February 27 2014


This Girl Is Completely Oblivious To What's Going On Behind Her

Excuse me, Miss, but you might want to turn around. It seems that there is something kind of important going on behind you -- you know, like your own marriage proposal.

Credit: Ying Wang

When New Jersey man JP proposed to his girlfriend Jingy during a Jackson Hole, Wyo. snowboarding trip earlier this month, it's safe to say he took her by surprise. (See oblivious photo above.)

According to JP's friend Ying Wang (who also photographed the proposal), Jingy turned around a couple of times as her boyfriend and friends were secretly setting up for the big moment behind her.

"We thought she saw the shirts and ruined the surprise," he told The Huffington Post. "But thankfully she didn't really put everything together in her head and I kept distracting her by asking her to move into different positions in the snow. It wasn't until JP nudged her and she saw him with the ring that she finally understood that she was at her own proposal party."

JP and Jingy met on a snowboarding trip four years ago and have been together ever since. Check out more photos below, including one of the bride-to-be's adorable "aha" moment.

[h/t Reddit]

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9 Pick-Up Lines That Never Should Have Worked (But Did)

When trying to make a move on someone you're into, we'd never recommend a cheesy pick-up line (No, not even ironic ones -- you hipster you).

But once in a while, by some fluke of nature, a bad pick-up line is actually successful, resulting in an improbable love connection. Need proof? On Thursday, Redditors shared their most embarrassing attempts at hitting on someone... that somehow worked. Use these at your own risk -- and don't say we didn't warn you.

1. "Walked up to a girl in a bar and said, 'Hi. I have a penis.'
She couldn't believe I delivered the line with a straight face and stayed and chatted with me for a bit. We dated for a few months before going our separate ways. Good times!" -The_Outcast4

cocky man
(Image credit: Image Search via Getty Images)

2. "I had a friend who always used to quote how his other friend picked up his long-term girlfriend at the bar using the line 'I can't wait to disappoint you sexually.'" -

3. "I drunkenly texted the complete lyrics of 'Baby Got Back' to a girl. It went OK... We got married." -fishsound

4. "At a bar. Saw a guy that was super cute. I couldn't get his attention since he was sitting at the bar facing away from me. From across the room, I threw my lighter as hard as I could and hit him directly and forcefully in the back of the head. As he was nursing his newly forming welt, I sauntered across the room toward him, with a big smile, and said, 'I think I dropped my lighter.' Nine years later and he still has a little bump on the back of his head." -Auntmarge

woman bar smoking
(Image credit: Andy Sotiriou via Getty Images)

5. "Gave my crush a stuffed animal duck in 8th grade and said 'I wanna duck you.'"-

6. "My dad's pick-up line to my mum was, 'Nice legs... Shame about the face.'" -Fergatron

man shrug
(Image credit: Norbert Schafer via Getty Images)

7."I have no muscle and even less 'game.' However, I once convinced a lady to squeeze the bicep I drunkenly flexed in front of her. I smiled and slurred, 'It's big, isn't it?' Several years later, we were married. Currently, we have a healthy baby and a jealous cat." -twentysixtwo

8. "'Twas Halloween night and I was dressed as a cat and she was dressed as a cat. I said let's go make kittens. It worked."-thestagrabbit

9."I see you're drinking one percent. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to." -King_Loner

milk carton
(Image credit: Ryan McVay via Getty Images)

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Unconditional Love: 16 Babies And Animals Who Get It Right

There is no more perfect, pure love than that between a child and an animal.

The children are still innocent, and animals are capable of incredible unconditional love. Here, YourTango has rounded up its favorite photos of the incredible bond between babies and animals.

You Should Watch Dr. Steve Brule's Return To Adult Swim Tonight

The third season of "Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule" returns tonight, and if there's a stranger show on TV today, we don't know what it is.

The show, a spinoff of "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!", follows Dr. Steve Brule (John C. Reilly), a TV "expert" whose advice to his audience usually ends with Brule reaching new heights of failure. His catchphrase is "for your health," but you get the feeling that his mental stability could drop out at any moment.

"Check It Out!" has the intentionally crappy aesthetic of a public access show from the '80s, mirroring Brule's similarly detached manner of connecting with the world around him. Like "Awesome Show," the show's public access mockery is elevated to an art form.

The fact that a Tony and Oscar-nominated actor stars in "Check It Out!" allows the show to pack an emotional punch much more viscerally than if the show were played for simply for laughs. In the clip above, which is a preview of tonight's episode, watch him turn an airport security check into an existential nightmare.

Oh, and don't forget that Adult Swim airs the show at 11:30 tonight (Thursday), directly opposite Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Stephen Colbert and more. If you're in the mood for comedy that isn't white guys yakking about Chris Christie, this is far and away the best option.

A 'Dunkin' Love' Beyonce Parody Because Let's Be Real, Donuts Are Your True Love

Do you ever feel like you're in a relationship with Dunkin' Donuts? You're not the only one.

This absolutely hilarious Beyonce parody, "Dunkin' Love," comes pretty damn close to the real Bey video for "Drunk In Love," with its black-and-white beach scenes. Instead of Queen Bey and Jay Z, though, it's two men, Reggie D. White and Adrian Anchondo confessing their love for Dunkin' Donuts. Check out the video and prepare to die laughing.

Coffee on ice ...


Amazing Craigslist Ad Seeks Roommate Who Looks Like Uncle Jesse Himself, John Stamos

He's great with kids, plays in a band and has probably the best head of hair we've ever laid eyes on, so who wouldn't want Uncle Jesse as a roommate?

We imagine these were the thoughts of two Chicago men who have taken to Craigslist in their quest for a roommate who looks like the "Full House" character played, of course, by John Stamos.

john stamos

The ad gets into specifics about what is required of anyone hopeful for the title of "our Jesse" in the household, including being of Greek descent, knowing how to play the guitar and drums, being obsessed with Elvis and having excellent hair. Use of the catchphrases "Talk to me" and "Have mercy!" is also very much appreciated.

Rent will apparently set you back just $500 a month for a room in the "5,200-square-foot" Roscoe Village apartment.

The ad doesn't immediately appear to be the most legitimate thing in the world -- KHITS 104.3 points out photos of the building and the provided address don't appear to match up -- and the mention of the new roommate needing "to take an active part in raising my child" makes the ad's tone veer from comical to a bit creepy.

The roommate seekers don't appear to have located the Chicago doppelganger of Mr. Katsopolis just yet. (They would have had some butter luck last September.) DNAinfo Chicago spoke over the phone with the ad's poster, who noted he's already received "a few hopeful responses," however.

Michelle Obama To Guest On 'Parks And Rec' Season Finale

Pawnee better make way for Michelle Obama!

The First Lady will be making a cameo appearance on the season finale of the NBC series "Parks and Recreation" in an episode entitled "Moving Up." The news comes after Poehler joined Obama at a Miami parks and recreation center as part of Obama's "Let's Move" campaign. Per a press release, Obama shot her cameo while in the Sunshine State.

Of course, this isn't the first time a political figure crossed paths with Pawnee residents. Vice President Joe Biden and Senator John McCain have both made cameos on the series in the past.

The Season 6 finale of "Parks and Recreations" airs April 24 on NBC.

Seth Rogen Publicly Shames Senators After They Walk Out On His Testimony

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen gave a funny but moving testimony at a U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimers Disease Thursday, sharing the story of how the disease has impacted his mother-in-law. He described "the real ugly truth of the disease," telling how by the age of 60, his mother-in-law had forgotten "how to speak, feed herself, dress herself and go to the bathroom herself."

But it seems not everyone cared to listen.

After his testimony Thursday, Rogen took to Twitter to question why lawmakers left in the middle of his testimony, or didn't show up at all:

It's common for lawmakers to come and go -- or not show up at all -- during hearings.

The Ultimate Guide To The Massive Late Night TV Universe

The late night universe is massive, swirling -- and can be hard to keep track off, especially with Seth Meyers taking over "Late Night" this week. To better help you navigate the galaxy of after hours talk shows, HuffPost has made an epic chart connecting all the late night talk shows and hosts you love.

Infographic by Troy Dunham and Josh Klenert for the Huffington Post.


Diogo Morgado Inspires Hot Jesus Hashtag; Actor Playing 'Son Of God', May Be Too Sexy

Have depictions of Jesus gotten too sexy over the years?

The actor playing Jesus in the new 'Son of God' movie has inspired the #HotJesus hashtag that is taking Twitter by storm and causing some to wonder: Why does Jesus have to be sexy?

In a witty op-ed, CNN anchor Carol Costello raised the issue of why a divine but still incarnate historical figure must be portrayed as handsome, buff or "physically perfect."

We actually don't know what Jesus looked like. We do know he was a carpenter, so perhaps Jesus was buff. But, I don't think when the Biblical Nathaniel asked, "Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?" and Phillip answered, "Come and see," they were talking about Jesus' beautiful face or chiseled abs.

In an interview with The New York Times, actor Diogo Morgado suggested that, though his appearance shouldn't be the focus, it may make Jesus "more appealing" to a wide audience.

The Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Brad Pitt, plays the title role. His looks will surely tax the patience of historians who say that Jesus, as a Jew of first-century Palestine, was probably more dark skinned than the fair-faced Mr. Morgado, who early on inspired the Twitter hashtag #hotjesus.

“It’s a compliment, obviously,” Mr. Morgado said, “but I don’t want that to take away from what we tried to achieve. The best story is the story that gets to the most people. If the message of Jesus was love, hope and compassion, and I can bring that to more people by being a more appealing Jesus, I am happy with that.”

Perhaps Jesus shouldn't need to be 'sexy' in order for people to relate to his story, but Twitter fans are having a field day with #HotJesus nonetheless.

Some see Morgado's buff Jesus as a role model:

Some are hoping a sexy Jesus will inspire conversions:

Some think everyone's focusing on the wrong thing:

And some are just smitten:


Do NOT Touch This Cat's Broccoli

Some things are meant to be shared. This cat's broccoli is not one of them.

Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Jimmy Kimmel Donates 'Suit Of The Loom' To Help A 7-Year-Old Fight Pediatric Cancer

Last month, Jimmy Kimmel called on kids and parents to send in Rainbow Loom bracelet creations so that he could get an entire Suit Of The Loom made to wear on his show. One video that Kimmel received in response changed the direction of his project in a wonderful, inspiring way.

It was from 7-year-old Max Wilford who is battling brain cancer. "I'll help you make your Loom Suit if you help me make my longest necklace in the world," Max challenged Kimmel. Max, his family, and classmates are collecting Rainbow Loom bracelets for a fundraiser called "Super Max's Loom-A-Thon Against Cancer." The kids at Max's school, Arroyo Elementary, also sent Kimmel a video (shown in the clip above) explaining why he should meet and help their friend.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel sported his loom suit on air, and welcomed Max to the show. Max got to meet Iron Man, found out he'll soon be going to Disney World, and got his own "Super Max" Rainbow Loom cape. The best part? Kimmel's 42R suit is now being auctioned on eBay with proceeds going to The Max Love Project.

kimmel loom suit

According to the Loom-A-Thon's crowdsourcing page the goals are as follows:

1) Celebrate SuperMax's 7th birthday with our wonderful community, raising much-needed awareness about childhood cancers.

2) Raise desperately needed funds for the CAM Center at CHOC Children's, forwarding our advocacy for access to pediatric integrative medicine.

3) Create the LONGEST Rainbow Loom chain in the WORLD thus raining MORE awareness!

The fundraiser is part of the MaxLove Project, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting families fighting childhood family with funds or support.

Another special guest of Kimmel's tweeted her love for Max:

As of Thursday afternoon, Max had raised $2,616 for the Loom project. He plans to construct the enormous Loom necklace on March 1. Though for now, he's still reveling after appearing on the King Of Late Night's show.


University Of Utah Students Busted Smoking Pot In An Igloo

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Four University of Utah students who police say were caught smoking pot in an igloo are facing possible discipline from campus officials.

Sgt. Garth Smith says the well-camouflaged hideaway was discovered by a passing campus security guard Jan. 31 in the woods between campus housing and Research Park.

Smith says the igloo was about 5 feet tall and had walls of snow about 10 inches thick. He says the students had either constructed it themselves or found it abandoned.

Smith says the guard passing through the area heard voices and smelled pot before finding the four men inside.

One of the students was cited for marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. All were referred to campus officials.

Smith says the igloo itself was destroyed with a sledgehammer.

utah igloo

Jeff Goldblum Is 'The Pull-Out King' In 'Portlandia' Season 4

One of our favorite recurring "Portlandia" cameos is Jeff Goldblum as The Knot Store owner and The Doily Shoppe owner from the second and third seasons, respectively. Now that season 4 of "Portlandia" is kicking off this week, we can't help but wonder if Goldblum will show up again.

HuffPost Entertainment caught up with the actor at the after party for the North American premiere of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" in New York City on Wednesday night, Feb. 26. Goldblum has a small part in the new Wes Anderson film as Deputy Kovacs, a lawyer with a fluffy cat.

Asked if we should expect to see him in the new season of "Portlandia," Goldblum said, "I did a few scenes that I hope are in this next season. I’ll be looking for them." As to whether his character will own another creative shop, he said, "Oh, yes, I do. I'm the Pull-Out King."

Goldblum wouldn't elaborate on what that means exactly, adding only, "I’ll leave it as a surprise.” But if you really think about it (and put your mind in the gutter), you'll probably get an idea. Now we just wonder if Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein asked Goldblum to do the cameo via text message.

Season 4 of "Portlandia" premieres Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. EST on IFC.


'Calvin And Hobbes' Creator Bill Watterson Releases First Artwork In Almost 20 Years

Bill Watterson, the notoriously reclusive creator of the comic "Calvin and Hobbes", has finally released his first new work of art in nearly 20 years. Fans of the precocious six-year-old boy and his meddling stuffed tiger, rejoice!


The illustration -- a poster for the upcoming documentary "Stripped" -- debuted on the heels of a Watterson draught stretching back to 1995. The documentary, described as a "love letter to comic strips," features interviews with the comic world's most iconic figures, including Watterson, "Garfield"s Jim Davis and "Cathy"s Cathy Guisewite. In it, they discuss the uncertain future of comics as the age of the newspaper comes to a close.

Watterson's "Stripped" poster features a frantic comic artist jumping out of his clothing upon reading the news headline "Bye-Bye Newspapers!" Watterson explained the
inspiration behind his image to the Washington Post:

"Given the movie’s title and the fact that there are few things funnier than human nudity, the idea popped into my head largely intact. The film is a big valentine to comics, so I tried to do something really cartoon-y. I had thought of having it colored with off-registered printing dots like newspaper comics, but Dave [Kellett] asked if I’d paint it instead, and I think he made the right call."

"Stripped," which will be released on DVD on April 2, describes itself as a film "about pursuing art in an age when the business of art is changing constantly." See a preview of the highly anticipated movie below:


'Harry Potter' Cast Singing Taylor Swift Is Absolutely Magical (VIDEO)

What's happens when you combine the "Harry Potter" cast and Taylor Swift? Pure magic, that's what.

Meshing together two of our favorite things in one delightful three-minute video, wizards and muggles take on T-Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Watch above.

In the words of Harry himself, "Brilliant."

[h/t Crushable]

The Morning After: An Etiquette Guide

1) Establish Identity.
Take a moment to perform a personal stocktake. Ask yourself, are you a good person, prone to acts of charity and forgiveness? If so this will help you in the trying times ahead. Should you not currently know who you are, focus instead on who you would like to be and cling to that.

2) Establish Location.
Are you in fact safe and warm in your own bed? Or, lying in a field being grazed on by a Friesian brown? Look around for valuable indicators as to your present location, such as the direction of the sun, visible landmarks, or perhaps even sounds that indicate you are near a train station, or major road junction.

3) Establish Proximity.
Once you have established your location ask yourself, are you alone? Many people develop a companion during the course of an adventure and now is the time to discover if you are one of them. If a companion is present, look for clues as to their identity and the current state of your relationship. Ponder any socio-economic implications, such as them being your employer, ex partner, or a close friend's spouse, mother, father or sibling.

4) Take a Personal Inventory.
Take a moment to check on keys, wallet, purse, phone and clothing, paying particular attention to footwear. If you have been alerted to the presence of another and need to make a strategic withdrawal then running away without them will lack longevity and speed.

5) Consider Dress Code.
If you are not where you intended to be, then consider the appropriateness of your present attire for the trip home. Dressing for the night's festivities as a Gladiator may well have been a great idea, but it does now leave you wearing a tea towel, plastic helmet and a thin sheen of vegetable oil. Ask yourself if you need to pass through any bad neighborhoods on your journey home and wether you will in fact be allowed on any form of public transportation.

6) Mentally Steel Yourself for What's to Come.
Now is the time to establish any symptoms or physical injury that you may have developed which might impair your ability to get home and/or reach the nearest available water source; these may include, headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, feelings of pain, shame or loss, or perhaps even a calf injury caused by attempting Jackie Chan high kicks. Be realistic. Consider the likelihood of if you are actually experiencing a near fatal aneurism right now, or whether Jägerbombs could be a more logical explanation.

7) Act.
Once you have girded your loins for action; whether it be rehydrating successfully, finding medical help or just leaving the room without waking your new companion, spare no time doing so. Take a moment to telephone the last person you remember from the previous night. If they do not answer, or begin the conversation with "So how are you feeling today?", it can still offer valuable insight into your performance on the previous night.

Bill Maher's New Rule For Americans Who Compete In The Biathlon

The Winter Olympics may be over, but Bill Maher still can't believe America lost in this category.

Hear why in the exclusive "New Rule" above. "Real Time With Bill Maher" airs Fridays at 10:00 p.m. EST on HBO.

UNC Class Gets Screwed By Duke Fan, Entire Google Doc Of Notes Replaced With Meme Image

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill beat rival Duke University in men's basketball last week, prompting students to celebrate by running through the streets going crazy. But the following week, when students got back to work, the undergrads in one history class discovered someone messed with their notes.

On Tuesday, a UNC student posted on the Facebook page "Overheard at UNC": "Someone deleted all the information in the History 107 midterm google doc and posted this instead.."

duke unc

Obviously, the UNC students believe it was a Duke student. Although some theorized it could be a capybara.

UNC students reported being able to rectify the loss of the notes, though it's unclear whether they used revision history or had simply backed up offline.

Of course, UNC students can rest easy on having the win in the actual basketball game, but the two schools have a long history of pranking each other. In 2012, the UNC student government attempted to mock Duke on Twitter, only to have their grammar mistake called out. Last year, UNC fans stole the Blue Devil mascot's head and placed Chapel Hill's fight song in the Duke hymnals.

[h/t TotalFratMove]

Laurie Kilmartin Is Live Tweeting Her Father's Last Days... And It Is Heartbreakingly Funny

“Jokes can be noble. Laughs are exactly as honorable as tears. Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion, to the futility of thinking and striving anymore. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward — and since I can start thinking and striving again that much sooner.”

Kurt Vonnegut, St. Clement's Episcopal Church, April 19, 1980

Comedian and "Conan" writer Laurie Kilmartin is, at the time of this posting, watching her father pass away. She and her mother and sister are doing all of the things that families often do when a loved one is in their last days: they're helping him to the bathroom, organizing visits with grandchildren, professing their love again and again, reassuring him it's ok to go, watching and waiting, waiting, waiting.

And the one other thing they're doing is laughing.

The reason we know what Kilmartin is going through is because she has been live tweeting the entire experience. And before you tsk-tsk the whole thing as another sad emblem of "the way the world is now," you should go back and look at the posts. If you've ever lost a parent, you will most likely relate. If you have yet to, you may find something that will one day help you cope with your own loss.

Among the myriad tweets are wry observations of the day-to-day business of dealing with a sick parent...

...bittersweet revelations about the promises one makes...

...realizations that your political differences will become fond memories...

...and painful truths...

To scroll back through Kilmartin's feed is to be drawn into one of the most poignant moments in a person's life and find yourself awestruck by the complexity of emotions at such a time. It is also a master class in how humor heals, how it can shepherd a person, even a whole family, from a life with a father/husband to a life without one.

Ultimately, every tweet Kilmartin sends out seems to be, at its heart, just another way of saying, "I love you, Dad" as loudly as she can, the echo of which has struck a chord with many:

Other comedians have found similarly, if not as immediately, poignant ways of dealing with the loss of a parent. In her book of autobiographical essays Lizz Free Or Die, Lizz Winstead writes about a posthumous joke her father played on she and her four siblings. In his 2010 special, You Should Have Told Me, Paul F. Tompkins talks about the death of his mother and the worst thing you can say to someone offering you their condolences at a funeral. And in her recent show, You're Doing Great! A Bold-Faced Lie, New York comedian Sharon Spell recounts the death of both of her parents, just 18 days apart.

But the rawness of Kilmartin's moment-by-moment account puts our perception of comedy to the ultimate test. Certainly, many will feel it inappropriate. But when facing the loss of a parent, the concept of appropriateness is probably the first thing to go out the window.

You can follow Laurie Kilmartin on twitter at anylaurie16. But be warned:

Finally, here's a photo of Kilmartin's parents she tweeted several days ago:

That thing you're now experiencing is all of the feelings... just go with it.
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